What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Calera

I just wish there were more than 5 stars to rate them.…

My two little precious boys get to go to School for Amazing Kids. They have been going here for about 10 months and they really love it. They have also learned SO much and developed academically that my husband and I are so pleased that we picked this place. We looked at a few other places in the area and knew that this one was going to be the best fit and I am glad we did.

This school is such a blessing to our family. It is very convenient and accessible especially for my work commute. The cost and value is very excellent in comparison to any of the other ones we looked at. The staff is incredible including Mr. Jonathan, Mrs. Brittany and our son’s teachers Ms Angela and Ms Teresa. I definitely recommend you take your kids there. I just wish there were more than 5 stars to rate them.

— The Taylors
The difference I see…

School for Amazing Kids located in Calera is my favorite childhood development facility that we have been at. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old who have been attending for almost 10 months now. The difference I see in them as far as intelligence and education is night and day from before. I am so glad that we moved them here.

I really like the staff. My kids LOVE their teachers Ms. Theresa, Ms. Angela, and really love Mr. Jonathan(but I think that’s because he gives them gummy bears, lol). I always know that they have the best care and a safe place to learn in.

— Mr. Taylor
They have developed academically…

I really like the School for Amazing Kids located in Calera. The school is super accessible and conveniently located for parents that have to work. It is a very good value for the money that you pay and what you get out of it. My wife and I are paying less here for my two children to go to this school where they LEARN than our previous childcare arrangements. Best of all they have a full school schedule. What I mean by that is I don’t have to take off from work to watch my kids because they are closed.

On top of ALL that value the school is great because of what my children have learned and how they have developed academically. I know they will be ready for the next step. The staff is great, my kids and myself enjoy all the teachers; especially Mr. Jonathan.

— Kevin
He Loves going to see his teacher…

I love, love, love that my two little precious boys get to go here every single day! In the past I would have to pry my youngest one away from whatever he was doing to stay home or in the car. Now he Loves going to see his teacher and all his little friends every morning. My Husband and I have two very special boy and I cant think of a better place than this to have them go.

When Kevin and I were looking at education/ child care facilities we placed a high importance on education readiness, cost and convenience. We looked at several places for them to go and I even did some tours of potential places. School for Amazing Kids is exactly that, a very amazing place for my two little boys to go. Recently a spot opened up at another program that we had put an application in a year ago. We both declined even though it would be cheaper. We thought that there wasn’t any other place that I would want them to grow and be prepared for the next part of their education.

— Ashley
They always tell us about his day!…

The School for Amazing Kids in Calera has been fantastic with our infant son. We were concerned about going back to work and leaving him at a daycare but they have made it a breeze for us. They always tell us about his day! They even send a report home each day detailing when he did what. It is a very clean and friendly facility. Parents must use fingerprint to sign in and out and there are cameras throughout the building. I feel very safe with my son enrolled here. It is a great place for the price and the convenience of the location. We are extremely please with our experience so far.

— A YP Review
All of their practices made us feel comfortable…

When we were looking for a daycare, School for Amazing Kids in Calera made the process easy. They gave us a tour and showed us everything. They were very open about their policies, security, and health regulations. They answered all of our questions and gave us information we didn’t even know we would want!  All of their practices made us feel comfortable leaving our 3 month old in their care. They have procedures in place, and they do follow them, that help ensure the safety and happiness of our child.

— Benjamin
The staff in the infants room is fantastic!…

My wife and I love The School for Amazing kids. We just had our first child this year and we knew going back to work would be tough. He started at 10 weeks old and has done fantastic in their care. He is 6 months old now. We couldn’t ask for better people to be watching our newborn. I feel very safe leaving my son their each day because I know he is in good hands. I like knowing they have a camera system installed throughout the building and that no one can check in or out with out providing a finger print.
Their hours each day are long enough to give us time after work to get there and pick him up. They keep track of when he eats and sleep. It’s like getting a report each day about his day. The staff in the infants room is fantastic! They stick to the feeding schedule we requested and will do anything we ask.

— Ben
We love his teachers!…

Our son has been here for about 3 months and so far everything is great! We love his teachers! They all care about him so much and take time to work with him every day. Ms. Cindy, Ms. Rosie, Ms. D, and Ms. Destiny make leaving him every day easier because we know he will be taken care of and loved on. Everyday when I pick him up these ladies are full of sweet compliments and stories about his day. They are great at listening and giving advice about teething, sleeping through the night, crawling, and starting solid foods!
I gave this a 4 star rating instead of 5 because I have noticed some of the staff are unprofessional. Fortunately they are not any of the ladies working in our son’s room but they still represent the daycare.

— Kace
The teachers are very attentive…

The hours that the daycare provides are amazing!  The location is very convenient as it is right off the interstate!  In addition to daily care, they also provide a few extras, such as activities for the kids and date nights for the parents. The infant classes do a lot of art activities and I look forward to all the activities the daycare provides that my child can participate in as they get older.
One aspect my husband and I really enjoy is getting our child’s daily classroom sheet.  It includes all of the bottles/food, diaper changes, and naps from throughout the day.  It really helps us know what to expect once we get home.  The teachers are very attentive and notice immediately if our child seems like they aren’t feeling well or didn’t sleep well.  It’s great having our child surrounded by people that really care about him!

— The Ledbetters
Our children are ahead of many other children in several areas……
It is important to know that your children are at a safe, clean, and nurturing school during the day. As working parents, my wife and I know our boys are in good hands with the staff and directors of School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. As an educator, I understand the importance of a strong start in regards to curriculum. Our children are ahead of many other children in several areas and we attribute a great deal of this to their daily experience at SFAK. Each day we know that our children are cared for and are learning valuable life lessons. With our hectic schedules, knowing that nutritious breakfasts and lunches are provided is a major plus. The tuition is very reasonable and the rules and regulations are clear and commonsensical. My wife and I enjoy the atmosphere and know that our children are loved. We would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham to any family seeking childcare in the Pelham area.
— Dr. Matt Kiser