What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Calera

Top 5 Reasons why we LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Calera…

5. Everyone always has a smile on their face:)
4. The rooms, tables, floors, toys, high chairs, cribs, etc. are always clean!
3. Parents’ Night Out. Need I say more?
2. My husband and I go to work every day not worrying about our son! (Missing him, but not worrying.)
1. They know, love, and care for my son like he was family!

— Liz
I’m Glad We Found School for Amazing Kids, Calera…

We’ve been with the School for Amazing Kids, Calera since my daughter was an infant. It was her first center, and she just graduated from 4K last month. I’m glad we foundSchool for Amazing Kids and we’ll be starting all over again with our new little one! If you want a GREAT center, School for Amazing Kids, Calera is the one you should check out.

— Susan
She Never Whines or Cries when I Drop Her Off…

We love School for Amazing Kids, Calera! It is the best daycare! The staff is always friendly and upbeat and my 3 yr old loves them all. She has learned so much since starting there, its amazing! She never whines or cries when I drop her off, which is such a blessing in itself. The facility is always clean and the have strong family values.

As an added bonus for parents, once a month they offer “Parents Night Out”. This is great for families on a tight budget and you can’t afford a night out and a babysitter. They are always caring and understanding. I wouldn’t take my child anywhere else!

— Jennifer S.
You Will Not Find a Comparable Center in this Area…

WE LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Calera!!!! After trying 3 different centers and also using a home day care, we finally found the perfect one. Not only do they teach my children to pray at every meal, they also learn Bible verses with letters. We’ve also made so many friends with the staff because of their low turnover. Both children attend and we all love it. Great communication, great tools, great teachers. My oldest has learned so much. They even have a “parents night out” which EVERYONE NEEDS at some point. You will not find a comparable center in this area.

— Melissa Miller Ianniello
School for Amazing Kids, Calera Certainly Rises Above the Rest…

First off, I want to say that I only post reviews that I absolutely 100% believe in. I only want to give kudos to those businesses or folks that deserve them. With that said, I want to give School for Amazing Kids, Calera the highest possible marks. I definitely would not trust my daughter to be cared for by just any old daycare.

School for Amazing Kids, Calera certainly rises above the rest. They actually take time to hire individuals who truly love children. I have a peace of mind every day when I drop my daughter off that she is in the best hands possible. She is also learning tons of stuff, so I know she will be very prepared to start school. I do not see my daughter any other place other than School for Amazing Kids. I appreciate all they do!

— Meredith Currie
I Never Once Worried…

I never once worried about Dylan’s safety or the care he was receiving. All of you are exceptional, and I know Dylan has learned so much in the time he has been at School for Amazing Kids, Calera. He loves it here, and I know he will miss his friends and teachers. Thank you again for all you do.

— Luke, Meredith, & Dylan Jones
The Directors and Staff at School for Amazing Kids, Calera are Great!…

I would recommend anyone searching for a daycare to check outSchool for Amazing Kids, Calera. Both of my girls, 2 years and 10 week old love going. My 2 year old comes home everyday with something new she has learned. I know that both girls are in excellent hands when I can not be there.

— Allison Boozer
If You are Looking for a Seriously Excellent Daycare…

If you are looking for a seriously excellent daycare, I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Calera Child Care. My daughter has been there for 3 years and my husband and I love the place. My daughter is learning so much while she is there that I know she will be well prepared to start kindergarten. I feel confident every day when I drop my daughter off she is getting the best care possible. Thank you School for Amazing Kids, Calera!

— Meredith Currie
She has Absolutely Thrived in their Care…

I consider myself to be a very thorough and detailed critic of childcare centers as I worked in a center throughout college, so am intimately aware of the criteria and parameters required by a center and feel confident my child is receiving good care at School for Amazing Kids, Calera. She has been enrolled since she was three months old (now 16 months) and has absolutely thrived in their care. Her development is consistently above average, I believe, in large part too, the structure she receives and the positive learning environment she is exposed to with the other children and teachers.

Most encouraging, however, is her excitement to go to school. I find it extremely comforting as a parent to see her happy and excited to see her teachers and friends, and not frightened or upset to be left. She spends such a majority of her time through the week with them that should I not feel 100% confident in their abilities I would be unable to leave my child in their care – thus this is a glowing endorsement of their capabilities and our appreciation for all the employees at the center as well.

— Stephanie Cruce