What Parents are Saying about the School for Amazing Kids, Calera

They truly make you feel like you are part of the family!…

School for Amazing Kids is hands down amazing….from the front desk staff, to administration, to the teachers. Everyone employed by this company seems to truly love kids and love what they do. I would recommend this daycare to anyone looking for exceptional childcare in this area. The teachers take extra time to get to know each parent on a more personal level and make sure the parents feel comfortable with everything going on throughout the school. I was very hesitant on putting my daughter in day care as she is my first child. As soon as I visited School for Amazing Kids, all of my doubts were immediately gone. I knew without a doubt in my mind they would have the best interest of my daughter at heart. I am so thankful to them for everything they have done for my daughter and all the extra love and attention they have given her. After only being enrolled for 1 week, everyone working there knew my first and last name and who specifically who my daughter was and greeted me at the door by name. They really go out of their way to make sure all your needs are met. I love that School for Amazing Kids is more than just a daycare; I feel that my daughter has reached milestones more quickly than others her age not involved in day care. I attribute this to the teachers who have spent extra time with her helping to teach her to walk and eat with utensils. They truly make you feel like you are part of the family!

— Mrs. Shaw
I was greeted with smiles and positivity…

My daughter has been with School for Amazing Kids Calera location for almost 2 years now. We started when she was just 8 weeks old. As a first time mom, I was very nervous and hesitant about leaving my newborn with perfect strangers. My husband and I went for a visit prior to enrolling her in the school. The moment I walked in, I was greeted with smiles and positivity. The office staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable with the questions I had for them. We were allowed to visit the infant and toddler rooms. When walking into the infant room, it was very calm and just had a great “vibe” when we walked in. The teachers were sitting on the floor with the children and very actively playing with them. It was nice to see they were actually paying close attention to them and interacting with them on a more personal level. That made me feel very comfortable! After the visit, we immediately decided to enroll our daughter. We have been in several different classes as my daughter is now almost 2. We have had such great experiences with all the teachers. They have all been very kind hearted, attentive, and truly concerned about your child. They have made going back to work so very easy for me. I know that my daughter is in the best care and the best environment. We have only had 1 negative incident at the daycare since enrolling. I went directly to the administration regarding my problem and concern. Brittany (the director) made me feel at ease knowing she would look into the problem and give a resolution. Within a few hours of speaking with her, she personally called by cell phone and told me they had a resolution to my problem. I was so grateful for the help and true concern she had. She made it a priority to help fix my situation. Since that time, we have never had a single incident again. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids to anyone looking at great, affordable, clean, healthy environment for yours kids.

— Brittany S
Our child is more than ready for Kindergarten…

Being Joshua’s parents for almost 5 years , we feel blessed that we found School for Amazing Kids in Calera AL. We are both working parents and are very appreciative of the time the teachers at SFAK Calera spend with our child. He has been at SFAK since his ninth week! The things that he already knows not even being five is proof that a lot of time gets invested in knowledge. From reading to writing, singing, coloring, making things, having festivals and Santa visits. it is worth it every penny!! We may honestly say that our child is more than ready for Kindergarten. Leaving SFAK in calera will be a sad day..

— Kurt D.
We are in any case super pleased!…

5 stars for SFAK Calera is not enough! Its hard not to consider the teachers part of your family considering all they have done and still do for our son Joshua. From his first steps to his soon to have graduation party, he did it all at SFAK in Calera. Our son is growing up to be a wonderful child with great values thanks to what he learns at SFAK Calera. He is social, helpful, he knows how to write and read, perfectly ready for that new big milestone called Kindergarten.  As much good that I can tell about this daycare you need to find out for yourself. I know that making the right decision to where to take your child to ‘ mold’ him/her is not easy. We are in any case super pleased! I also want to add that besides learning and playing they always have things going on like movie day, festivals, Santa visit, he plays soccer or you can have your child take dance, they have fish tanks and learn how to grow flowers and stuff, very cool!

— A Yelp review
We are amazed about how much our son knows already for his age.…
We were blessed to find School forAmazing Kids in Calera when we moved to Shelby County. Joshua has been attending SFAK Calera for almost 5 years !! Now and still, every day, we are amazed about how much our son knows already for his age. He speaks very well, he behaves, he knows how to write and work with numbers already! Knows songs, days of the week etc… all this can only be achieved by staying busy with the kids . He likes to go to SFAK Calera, he does soccer, a guitar man comes over once a week to play songs, the have festivals and career days etc.. if you have the opportunity to have your child taken care off in a daycare, SFAK Calera is the best place to be!
— Kurt
School for Amazing Kids in Calera is just fantastic.…

School for Amazing Kids in Calera is just fantastic. It has been the best place and facility that my family and my kids have been to. I have two boys that go there and both of them LOVE their teachers and both of the Administrators. When my kids walk through the doors both of them will run up to the adults at the facility because they are warm and inviting and just great dealing with kids.I always feel good about dropping my kids off because I know that they will get great care and have fun learning. Its also very easy to get there and not a hassle to drop my kids off or pick them up. When they graduate I will be a little sad because SFAK has really been a life saver as far convenience/cost and learning environment.

— Mrs. Taylor
I love sending my two boys here.…

The Calera location for School for Amazing Kids is awesome. I love sending my two boys here. The hours are great (latest pickup is at 6:30pm) for my wife and I as we both work full time. My oldest will always run to his class and my youngest who is spoiled will ask for his teacher to hold him when he gets there. My boys have lots of friends there and enjoy learning. If they have ever had an issue with another classmate it has been resolved or been a non issue to begin with. I always feel safe dropping my sons off. The school is in a very convenient location to us and is very economical for the value/cost in comparison to similar facilities in the area. I am also excited that usually once a month they do a parents night out so we get to do a date night without having to find a sitter. I definitely would recommend you sending your children there and my boys would love to be friends with your kids.

— Kevin T.
I just wish there were more than 5 stars to rate them.…

My two little precious boys get to go to School for Amazing Kids. They have been going here for about 10 months and they really love it. They have also learned SO much and developed academically that my husband and I are so pleased that we picked this place. We looked at a few other places in the area and knew that this one was going to be the best fit and I am glad we did.

This school is such a blessing to our family. It is very convenient and accessible especially for my work commute. The cost and value is very excellent in comparison to any of the other ones we looked at. The staff is incredible including Mr. Jonathan, Mrs. Brittany and our son’s teachers Ms Angela and Ms Teresa. I definitely recommend you take your kids there. I just wish there were more than 5 stars to rate them.

— The Taylors
The difference I see…

School for Amazing Kids located in Calera is my favorite childhood development facility that we have been at. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old who have been attending for almost 10 months now. The difference I see in them as far as intelligence and education is night and day from before. I am so glad that we moved them here.

I really like the staff. My kids LOVE their teachers Ms. Theresa, Ms. Angela, and really love Mr. Jonathan(but I think that’s because he gives them gummy bears, lol). I always know that they have the best care and a safe place to learn in.

— Mr. Taylor
They have developed academically…

I really like the School for Amazing Kids located in Calera. The school is super accessible and conveniently located for parents that have to work. It is a very good value for the money that you pay and what you get out of it. My wife and I are paying less here for my two children to go to this school where they LEARN than our previous childcare arrangements. Best of all they have a full school schedule. What I mean by that is I don’t have to take off from work to watch my kids because they are closed.

On top of ALL that value the school is great because of what my children have learned and how they have developed academically. I know they will be ready for the next step. The staff is great, my kids and myself enjoy all the teachers; especially Mr. Jonathan.

— Kevin