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Biting Hurts!

Biting is quite common among young children. It happens for different reasons with different children and under different circumstances. The first step in learning to control it is to look at why it may be happening. WHY CHILDREN BITE EXPLORATION – Infants and toddlers learn by touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting. If you give an [...]

Biting: Dracula at the Day Care

Emma walked into the room with a scowl.  Her hair was disheveled, her face was contorted and her eyes still had the telltale signs of sleep in them.  She looked fatigued and I was afraid.  I recognized that look; that was the look of a toddler who would bite. While biting especially among toddlers in [...]

Study: Chemicals Reduce Effectiveness Of Vaccines

Scientists Specifically Look At PFCs (CNN) — Certain chemicals in the environment may reduce the effectiveness of childhood vaccines according to research in a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Scientists looked specifically at PFCs, perfluorinated compounds, widely used in products that repel water, grease and stains. Children with higher levels [...]