For Parents

Don’t Come Back ‘til Dark! – The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Growing up, I remember absolutely living outside. If my school books made it into the house, the sound of them hitting my bedroom floor was followed almost instantly by the noise of the front door closing as I went outside. Back in the day—and I realize that was a long time ago—life was a little [...]

A School of Sharks

You’ve just discovered that your child’s daycare is in fact not a fun place to learn and play with friends, but instead filled with a collection of ravenous little creatures out for blood.  And one of them decided that your precious baby looked delicious and went ahead and took a bite—it’s time to set out [...]

Reading for Fun and Profit—Raising a Child Who Loves to Read

Okay, okay… I’ll be the first to admit that your child isn’t going to make a lot of money immediately by learning to read. I did get you to read this far, though, right? And, later on in your child’s life, it will prove invaluable: a huge amount of business and workplace communications are conducted [...]

So Your Kid’s a Biter? What Not to Do

First off, don’t refer to your child as ‘a biter.’  This is a normal—and temporary—way for young children to respond to feelings and situations they don’t know how to deal with properly.  Adding a label causes you to see and respond to them differently, and it’s unwarranted.  Excellent educators and caregivers are painstakingly careful not [...]

It’s All Fun and Games…

Sometimes I think worrying has become a national pastime.  Obviously you want what’s best for your child, and you don’t want to see them hurt…and once you have a child, it occurs to you just how dangerous the world really is.  Twigs on bushes suddenly seem to be actively reaching for little eyes to poke, the corners of your coffee table suddenly transform [...]

I’ll Never Let Go: Easing Separation Anxiety in Your Child

The first few times you drop your child off at daycare or leave them with another caregiver, be prepared for crying, clinginess, and even tantrums.  Seeing your little one so upset and having to leave anyway can be heartbreaking, and if you’re not careful you’ll give yourself a guilt trip that can ruin your whole [...]

Are You Teachable?

“Recently, as part of at Christian businessman’s retreat, I had the opportunity to hear Ken Sande speak on the topic of “Relational Wisdom”.  I was blown away!  I hope you enjoy the article.   Bob Kuehner Chief Servant & Storyteller Amazing Kids Management Group,   Are You Teachable? I’ve been in the middle of hundreds [...]

My Little Copy Cat

It’s amazing to me how naturally and easily my children mimic me!   If you’ve ever watched a child attempt to blow bubbles for the first time, you know exactly what I mean. Babies love bubbles, and they love popping them, but what they seem to love the most is blowing the bubbles themselves. They don’t [...]

Cuddle or Correct? What’s Right?

Now that I’m, “Papa” to grandkids, my kids—their parents—think I’ve absolutely gone soft! There may be some truth to that. Getting kids out of diapers and out of college and into life is pretty tiring but I’m convinced that, having raised three kids, I’m better at figuring out what’s worth getting upset over and what’s [...]

Toddlerzilla: Help! Strong Willed Isn’t Even Close!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts as parents, our children will behave badly. They might throw temper tantrums. They might act out against those around them. They might resist authority to the extent that you’ll wonder if “No!” is their favorite word. It can be frustrating. It can be humiliating. And yes, occasionally, it can even [...]