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attention problems, obesity, anxiety, depression, fear of the natural world and disregard for life.” ~

Go Outside! Your Health Depends On It!

Your child’s chance of living a healthy, successful life depends a great deal on what you do for him or her in the first five years. The stress of that responsibility can take a toll on parents and it’s no wonder. You get advice from every angle! However, here’s one simple thing you can do [...]
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5 Ways a Summer Program Benefits Your Child

Summer is right around the corner! Bring on the beach trips, sprinklers, slip and slides and trips to the pool! When I think of summer I think of freedom. As a child of the mid-80s I spent my summers exploring my neighborhood on my bike with the only instructions from my mom being “come home [...]

Baby Sign Language

Understanding the needs of a baby or toddler can be frustrating and seemingly impossible. It’s a guessing game and sometimes we just can’t get it right. Oftentimes, we aren’t the only ones who are frustrated. Young children often know what they want but lack the ability to communicate to caregivers. That’s not only frustrating for [...]
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Five Ways to Know If You’re a “Helicopter Parent”

Everyone seems to agree that overprotective parenting is obnoxious. Even most psychologists agree that it is probably not good for children. And yet, the trend toward “Helicopter Parenting” (hovering over your child and overseeing every tiny move) grows more rampant each year. Over the last thirty years the way we parent has changed. The social [...]

Why Are Kids Such Picky Eaters?

You can’t quite pin down the day that it happened. One day, your child was eating everything on his or her plate. The next day, there was a picky eater seated across the table from you. Fussy eaters can emerge around the ages of 18-24 months creating stress and guilt in parents. Rejecting new foods [...]

4 Reasons Why Parents Need Bedtimes Too

I’m a working mom. I juggle a lot of responsibilities and activities throughout the day. My calendar and brain are overloaded with all the things I’ve got to do to keep my household and life running smoothly. At the end of the day, when my kid is finally asleep… I breathe a sigh of relief [...]

The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child

No matter where you work or where you live or how many kids you have, we all feel the pressures and high expectations of the holiday season. What’s meant to be a season of coming together and taking time to appreciate family and loved ones often becomes a season of stress as we fret about [...]
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Hey Busy Parents! When Was Your Last Date Night?

Why is having a date night so important for parents? Because being a parent is stressful! Most of your time is spent attending to the needs of your children. Studies show that parents who schedule dates—talking, spending time together, going out to dinner or sharing an activity—build stronger relationships and increase the likelihood that they’ll [...]
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How Much Screen Time Is Safe For Our Kids?

We are surrounded by screens these days. They are literally everywhere we go. Restaurants have multiple flat screen televisions all over the walls, we’ve got two or three in our own homes, add to that all the laptops and tablets and the smart phones we can’t live without. It starts to add up! What amount [...]
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Understanding and Dealing With Toddler Biting

You give your child ample calcium so he or she can build strong teeth. If only your child didn’t use them against you… and the kid down the street… and Uncle Harry! Today we’re discussing biting: who does it, what it means, and how to stop it. First, if your toddler bites, know that you’re [...]