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Closed Until Further Notice

All locations of School for Amazing Kids are currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. According to the hospital resource use data from IHME (, Alabama’s peak for Covid-19 will be April 18th. We will resume operations one to two weeks after that, depending on CDC recommendations for safe operation. Our plan is to resume […]
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Coronavirus Updates

Our schools have temporary suspended operations in order to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. We have a tentative reopen date of April 6. We will reopen dependent on the recommendations of public health officials and on our ability to keep families and staff safe and protected from illness. In the meantime, our music […]
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3 Essential Bible Verses For Parenting

When my wife, Jennifer, got pregnant with our first of two children more than 17 years ago, I was your typical scared-to-death father who didn’t feel prepared to be a dad. I didn’t know what to expect and was concerned that I wouldn’t be a good father. Growing up in a home without a dad […]

5 Family Habits That Can Change Your Life

Starting new habits at the beginning of the year can have a dramatic effect on what your year will look like. Many people set new year’s resolutions only to give them up in frustration a few days later. The key to making big change isn’t setting lofty goals and tackling them head on. The key […]

Does Cold Weather Cause Illness In Children?

When the air outside starts to get crisper, the temperature drops and you feel the urge to reach for a sweater, do you automatically start to worry about catching cold? Now that you have a child, do you warn him or her that they could get sick if they spend too much time exposed to […]

4 Benefits of Music In Your Child’s Education

Music plays an important role in our culture. It’s ingrained in nearly every aspect of our lives. It’s rare that we go a day without hearing music, singing music or at least humming a familiar tune. From birth, parents use music to soothe children, express love and joy and simply engage and interact with their […]
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Go Outside! Your Health Depends On It!

Your child’s chance of living a healthy, successful life depends a great deal on what you do for him or her in the first five years. The stress of that responsibility can take a toll on parents and it’s no wonder. You get advice from every angle! However, here’s one simple thing you can do […]
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5 Ways a Summer Program Benefits Your Child

Summer is right around the corner! Bring on the beach trips, sprinklers, slip and slides and trips to the pool! When I think of summer I think of freedom. As a child of the mid-80s I spent my summers exploring my neighborhood on my bike with the only instructions from my mom being “come home […]

Baby Sign Language

Understanding the needs of a baby or toddler can be frustrating and seemingly impossible. It’s a guessing game and sometimes we just can’t get it right. Oftentimes, we aren’t the only ones who are frustrated. Young children often know what they want but lack the ability to communicate to caregivers. That’s not only frustrating for […]
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Five Ways to Know If You’re a “Helicopter Parent”

Everyone seems to agree that overprotective parenting is obnoxious. Even most psychologists agree that it is probably not good for children. And yet, the trend toward “Helicopter Parenting” (hovering over your child and overseeing every tiny move) grows more rampant each year. Over the last thirty years the way we parent has changed. The social […]