Author Jesse Thomas

Does Cold Weather Cause Illness In Children?

When the air outside starts to get crisper, the temperature drops and you feel the urge to reach for a sweater, do you automatically start to worry about catching cold?… Read the rest »

Understanding and Dealing With Toddler Biting

You give your child ample calcium so he or she can build strong teeth. If only your child didn’t use them against you… and the kid down the street… and… Read the rest »

Why So Shy?

What does every parent want? For their child to grow up to be a happy, well-adjusted adult with the necessary social skills to succeed in life. Good social skills are… Read the rest »

Friends Aren’t Food

Our children’s behavior can be inconvenient at times—even downright embarrassing! Please… don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean. I know you get it… I saw how you acted at… Read the rest »

Max the Magnificent Learns Listening

The School for Amazing Kids had amazing teachers. Max’s teacher, Miss Christina, loved to garden. She had been growing plants and caring for them since she was a little girl.… Read the rest »

Don’t Come Back ‘til Dark! – The Benefits of Outdoor Play

Growing up, I remember absolutely living outside. If my school books made it into the house, the sound of them hitting my bedroom floor was followed almost instantly by the… Read the rest »

A School of Sharks

You’ve just discovered that your child’s daycare is in fact not a fun place to learn and play with friends, but instead filled with a collection of ravenous little creatures… Read the rest »

Reading for Fun and Profit—Raising a Child Who Loves to Read

Okay, okay… I’ll be the first to admit that your child isn’t going to make a lot of money immediately by learning to read. I did get you to read… Read the rest »

So Your Kid’s a Biter? What Not to Do

First off, don’t refer to your child as ‘a biter.’  This is a normal—and temporary—way for young children to respond to feelings and situations they don’t know how to deal… Read the rest »

It’s All Fun and Games…

Sometimes I think worrying has become a national pastime.  Obviously you want what’s best for your child, and you don’t want to see them hurt…and once you have a child, … Read the rest »

I’ll Never Let Go: Easing Separation Anxiety in Your Child

The first few times you drop your child off at daycare or leave them with another caregiver, be prepared for crying, clinginess, and even tantrums.  Seeing your little one so… Read the rest »

Are You Teachable?

“Recently, as part of at Christian businessman’s retreat, I had the opportunity to hear Ken Sande speak on the topic of “Relational Wisdom”.  I was blown away!  I hope you… Read the rest »

My Little Copy Cat

It’s amazing to me how naturally and easily my children mimic me!   If you’ve ever watched a child attempt to blow bubbles for the first time, you know exactly what… Read the rest »

Cuddle or Correct? What’s Right?

Now that I’m, “Papa” to grandkids, my kids—their parents—think I’ve absolutely gone soft! There may be some truth to that. Getting kids out of diapers and out of college and… Read the rest »

Toddlerzilla: Help! Strong Willed Isn’t Even Close!

Sometimes, despite our best efforts as parents, our children will behave badly. They might throw temper tantrums. They might act out against those around them. They might resist authority to… Read the rest »

Potty Training 101

Congratulations! Your child is about to enter a milestone time of development in his or her young life: the age of potty training. And congratulations to you too! You’ve made… Read the rest »

Tummy Time

When you lay your baby down to sleep, you’re careful to put him or her on her back for safety reasons, but that doesn’t mean that your son or daughter… Read the rest »

I’M NOT HAPPY!!!!! Managing temper tantrums & Melt-downs.

There are few things that pack more fury than a child’s temper tantrum. Screaming, crying, kicking, hitting, biting, holding their breath—kids pull out all the stops when they’re trying to… Read the rest »

How To Add To Your Child’s Bank Account

Caught your eye, with that title, didn’t I? Well, I’m not talking about money, but something just as valuable—your child’s language bank.  From the moment of birth, and at an… Read the rest »

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire: What to Do When It’s YOUR Child.

Some children lie to stay out of trouble, some to express creativity. Some out of boredom, some to see what happens next. Some out of anger, and some don’t even… Read the rest »

I Didn’t Sleep At All Last Night—Strategies for Mom & Dad

When you’re a brand-new parent, you expect that the baby will interrupt your sleep time, but unfortunately, this doesn’t completely stop when your child pushes past infancy into toddlerhood and… Read the rest »