Are Your Ducks In A Row?

financial planning for parents
Lauren Vogel

Director of Marketing & Communications

By Lauren Vogel

Starting a college fund for a child who is still in diapers might seem a bit premature…

Making sure your children are financially provided for if something tragic ever happens to you or your significant other, might sound depressing…

Saving money in preparation for unexpected life events—the loss of a job, serious illness or disability—isn’t the most exciting way to spend your paycheck…

…but all of these things are important (if not crucial) for the longevity, health and stability of your family.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that you never know what’s going to happen.

In the early days of January this year, I stood in my kitchen and proudly proclaimed to my husband, “This year is MY year!”

Two days later I was on the operating table for an emergency appendectomy. No joke. A nagging pain in my right side had quickly turned into a life-threatening situation.

It should have only taken me a couple weeks to recover but I developed a lung infection, then caught the flu from my seven-month old and then caught strep throat from my three-year-old. I couldn’t catch a break!

Once I finally recovered from it all and got my kids healthy again, it was mid-March. And we all know what happened in mid-March 2020! The whole world shut down.

I decided that I would never again say it was “my year!” Obviously I had jinxed the entire planet.

It would be easy to let these events of this crazy year get me down. But if I take a step back and consider what I’ve learned from 2020 so far, the lessons are many.

One of them being that having a contingency plan is a really good idea!

Luckily, this is what my husband does for a living. As a financial advisor, he helps people plan for their futures and all of the unexpected life events that could pop up at any moment.

As we round the corner of 2020, I thought it would be prudent and valuable to share what he does with our Amazing Kids community. Financial planning and budgeting might not be a fun topic but it’s one that none of us can avoid.

Like most things, getting started is the hardest part.

My husband recently wrote an article that can help inspire you to get started or at least think about getting started.  You can read the article here, find out more about his business Trailblazer Financial Planning or even go ahead and schedule some time to have a quick conversation. He’s helped many families, individuals and business owners map out their financial futures.

We are living in strange times and many of us have small children that depend on us. Planning for the future and getting our ducks in a row is more important now that ever.