AK Infants

Knowing your child is in the care of a trusted individual while you’re at work is essential for your peace of mind. School for Amazing Kids provides, quality care for infants as young as 6 weeks old. At this stage, developing your child’s social and emotional health is essential.  Sharing smiles, conversations, and stories as well as attentively responding to your child’s attempts to communicate with facial expressions, gestures and nurturing words helps infants feel safe. Our teachers have gone through extensive training in order to provide the healthiest, most nurturing experience possible.  

Our infants enjoy daily tummy time, sing alongs, group circle time, story time and activities that help to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills. Even young infants can participate in art activities and can begin learning baby sign language.

AK infants also engage in sensory activities such watching and chasing bubbles, exploring sights and sounds with discovery bottles, discovering light and shadows and many other activities that enhance their development. 

Once old enough, infants enjoy outside time on our safe playground where they get fresh air and sunshine up to twice a day. 



The Amazing App!

Our Amazing Kids app allows us to send you daily notes so you’ll know when your baby slept, took his/her bottles and had diaper changes. We also use our app to send videos & photos throughout the day to keep you involved in your child’s activities.

We strive to make every day an Amazing day!

School for Amazing Kids Infants