References for Amazing Kids

I Know It Is a Good Place…

My child likes going to school. She is excited about what goes on there, so I know it is a good place.

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
They also believe in God and the power of prayer.…

They really resonated there emphasis on community involvement and their belief in a strong faith when they had a Prayer Breakfast to pray for our community. That was a great thing for them to do to not only bring the parents and children on the school together, but to bring the community together as a whole. I love that my daughter goes to a child care facility that not only shows that they are proud and support the area in which they are located but that they also believe in God and the power of prayer.

I love that my daughter’s lead teacher was the one who headed this up and I love the commitment she had throughout. They even provided us with a great breakfast while we mingled with everyone there. It is important that children not only have a foundation for community support and Christian principles in their home, but just as well in their child care facility or school where they spend the majority of their time and I am so glad that my daughter attends a place just like that.

— Mrs. Underwood
We love the open communication…
This is a great school! We love the open communication between the teachers and the parents. There is also a positive energy in the classrooms. We have throughly enjoyed our time here at the School for Amazing Kids, Helena. My son has grown in so many different areas and he has learned so much in the 2 years we have spent here.
— Mrs. Harper
Your passionate visionary character is infectious!…
Good Morning Katie!
I hope your day is proving to be a productive and promising one.  I just wanted to take time to say how grateful I am to you and your commitment to care for little ones with such excellence. Your passionate visionary character is infectious! How can anyone not be the same when they are around you?!
The afternoon Kristen and I came to visit your center, God gave me an impactful verse to focus on that day: Psalm 27:13 – “I would have lost heart if I had not believed that I would see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.”  I truly believed God would provide for my daughter and her family, that He would make a way for my grandchildren to be card for with excellence.  You and your center are indeed, “the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living” – our future generations and a true answer to my prayers.
I wish you well in all your endeavors for Christ, as you pursue your vision and goals for the center. If I can be of any assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on me.
— Ruth Laurent
Thank You for the Love that You Have Shown my Family…

We were blown away by the wonderful K4 graduation that you all put together, it surpassed my expectations!! You are all amazing people at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham!! I thank the Lord for each and every one of you!! THANK YOU for giving us such a special night, THANK YOU for the lovely gifts, and most of all, THANK YOU for the love that you have shown my family and my baby Danielle!! We love you all!! God bless you greatly!

— Vee & Frank
Help them to develop and learn the things that they need…

I love School for Amazing Kids, Helena! Everyone there really cares about my son, and the safety measures in place really make me feel comfortable, we have never worried about him. They often have a parents night out that really helps me and my husband relax. Everyone there genuinely cares about the children and help them to develop and learn the things that they need.


— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a blessing for my family…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a blessing for my family. My son wasn’t talking a lot when he started attending. Within a few weeks, his vocabulary had grown tremendously. He was even using sign language. The staff is wonderful and he adores his teachers and all his friends. I would recommend School for Amazing Kids, Helena to anyone who asked!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
School for Amazing Kids has been a blessing in my sons life!…
School for Amazing Kids has been a blessing in my sons life! The staff is always friendly and loving towards my little one. Coming to school each day is a pleasure, we are always greeted with smiling faces and “How are you today big man”? When my son walks into this Daycare/School he feels like a “big Boy”. In the last year my son has developed such a love for learning and going to school because of School for Amazing kids Pre K program. I have no doubt that the transition from the Pre K program to kindergarten will will be extremely easy! Thank you so much School for Amazing kids for the AMAZING learning experience for my child!
— A Google review
Best childcare in our area!!…

My two children attend School for Amazing Kids, Helena and I absolutely would not think of sending them anywhere else. The staff treats us like family and I know my children are safe and secure when I leave them, even if its overnight during a snow storm! I am very thankful for the teachers and staff who implement an age appropriate curriculum for each child and truly care for them, I would definitely recommend them to everyone!!!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Mom
Our girls thrive under that kind of environment and unconditional love…

We have two daughters that have attended School for Amazing Kids, Calera since my return to work from maternity leave at 12 weeks old.  It has been very interesting for us to watch the differences in development from one child to the next and how the center interacts and handles each child.  They have both had the fortune to share certain teachers as they age, however the youngest has developed quite a special attachment to one of her teachers particularly.  This young lady has shown the utmost attention to the needs and development of our child, and they have formed a precious bond.  All the children in this classroom seem to benefit from the gentleness and love that is given by all of these teachers as they are all very attached to each, which is very emblematic of the care they receive.  I know with certainty that my daughter would not be so comfortable and excited to see her teacher(s), should she not be treated with the same type of care she receives from family.

I do not have any doubts that these ladies treat my children with the same concern and love that they would treat their own children and it has been such a blessing to watch our girls thrive under that kind of environment and unconditional love when it cannot be given by us.  The trust and safety of the facility and staff has made it definitively easier to return to work, especially when leaving an infant and we are very grateful!

— Stephanie C

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