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Everyone We Have Encountered There Seems to Love What They Do…

“This is by far the best daycare we have ever been enrolled in.”

“Everyone we have encountered there seems to love what they do. That is great!”

“I feel School for Amazing Kids, Calera truly cares for my children and my children love being part of the family.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
All of His Teachers Show an Interest in Him as a Person…

Everyone is super friendly and does a great job of making us feel comfortable. I know my child’s needs will be met and he will be taken care of. All of his teachers show an interest in him as a person and I know that they do that with every child. That is GREAT!! Ya’ll are so personable. Keep up the Good Work!

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
I fully trust the staff at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham…

We currently have three children at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham and I couldn’t imagine them attending anywhere else. From the great teachers to the convenient location, I would consider School for Amazing Kids, Pelham an asset to the community. As someone who works in the field of child advocacy/prevention, I fully trust the staff at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham with my children’s growth and well-being.


— Brad J.
She was waking me up saying it was time to go to school…

When I first called the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly in search of childcare I was driving an hour out of the way each day just so I could keep my daughter in the same place. I knew I needed a facility that was closer but had reservations about switching because I didn’t want to uproot my daughter from where she was (even though I wasn’t especially pleased with their staff or the progress my daughter had made) but the staff at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly made the transition the easiest ever. It wasn’t 2 weeks before she was using the potty on her own and she had been potty training at her previous daycare for 6 months. For the first time, she was waking me up saying it was time to go to school and play with her friends. It was a pleasure as a parent to finally see her interested in learning and enjoying being around others her age. I couldn’t imagine her getting any better care than what she gets there. The staff treats all their kids like they were their own. They truly set a standard for childcare!!

— Twany Day
We are so grateful to have found such a great daycare…

School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly has been a wonderful facility for our almost three-year-old to be a part of. All of the directors and teachers are very patient, kind, and involved in each and every child which is so comforting to the parents. It is amazing how much our son has learned in just a few years from normal development skills to singing songs to playing well with others. He has made some precious little friends and when one of his best friends moved away we were so sad and nervous for him but knew that he is in great hands and he handled that transition well. We are so grateful to have found such a great daycare!

— Melinda Wilson
WE love this school and what they stand for!…
I don’t know what I would have done without this daycare center. I was sure that we would never find a daycare that we really loved, but this one is amazing. The staff is phenomenal. The rooms are clean and the kids have lots to do without just working on worksheets. This center is a strong believer in play=learning. They do a lot of handwriting in the 4K class, but they make it fun! They space out the day so it’s not just sit in a chair all day working on sheets. They make lots of art and do lots of centers. We get quarterly reports even as early as the infant classrooms. They offer a lot of extra-curricular activities if you so choose, but the general perks they offer are great. WE love this school and what they stand for!
— Mr. B
School for Amazing Kids has been a blessing in my sons life!…
School for Amazing Kids has been a blessing in my sons life! The staff is always friendly and loving towards my little one. Coming to school each day is a pleasure, we are always greeted with smiling faces and “How are you today big man”? When my son walks into this Daycare/School he feels like a “big Boy”. In the last year my son has developed such a love for learning and going to school because of School for Amazing kids Pre K program. I have no doubt that the transition from the Pre K program to kindergarten will will be extremely easy! Thank you so much School for Amazing kids for the AMAZING learning experience for my child!
— A Google review
They offer a curriculum that will support the children’s growing mind……

When I was searching for a child care facility, before my daughter was born, there were several things that stood to me about School for Amazing Kids, Calera. First, the location was perfect. We are residents of Calera, AL and this was a very convenient location right off of I65, so I could drop my daughter off and get right back on the interstate to head to work. Once I actually took a tour of the school, I knew that much more that it was going to be perfect for little one. I liked how in the baby room, it is divided into 3 areas to assist with their growing needs. I also liked how they will assist you with potty training when that time comes with the little kiddie toilets that they have. They have a nice size and fun-filled playground once they become mobile.

Another thing that was very important in my selection process was the curriculum that they offered in the education of the children. They offer a curriculum that will support the children’s growing mind which in turn will prepare them even more for their transition to Kindergarten. I love the staff and how friendly they are and how much they actually care about the children. They offer various events and things for the kids to participate in. They even offer parent’s night out for FREE for parents who would like some alone time or date night with their significant other which is a plus in my books. This school is just an all-around child care facility and I would not want my daughter to be anywhere but here.

— Mrs. Underwood
They have learned so much.…

We love this daycare. We have 3 year old twins that have been there for almost a year. They have learned so much. They have extra activities like PJ day, Kona Ice truck, Sweetheart Banquet, Parents Night out and so much more. My kids love the opportunity they get in being the star student for the week. I like that my kids can take extra classes like ballet, music and sports. We love this daycare.

— Rhonda T.
The teachers and staff are wonderful…

We love you, SFAK, Helena! My daughter is 5 and my son is 2, and SFAK, Helena is the only daycare they have ever attended. We have never felt the need to search for better care or education anywhere else! The teachers and staff are wonderful and loved by our whole family. I have been AMAZED consistently over the past 5 years by how much my daughter has learned, and by the beautiful person she has become. I attribute a lot of this to the teachers she has spent SO much time with. I am confident that she will do well in Kindergarten next year. One of my favorite things about SFAK is the long standing teachers. The teachers that have taught and cared for my daughter are now teaching my son. I am pleased with my son’s care and am optimistic about his future at SFAK. My kids are stimulated daily and get plenty of exercise. The school also continues to offer fun activities for the kids all year long (In Tune Kids music appreciation, Happy Feet Soccer, water play and Kona ice during the summer, Fall Festival, pictures with Santa, holiday class parties, in school field trips for Pre-K.) Not to mention, Parents Night Out! If I were to have another child, I would not hesitate to enroll them at SFAK, Helena.

— Megan

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