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School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is the best daycare around!…

School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is the best daycare around! We have been using them for over a year now and our son loves it. The interaction with the teachers, staff, as well as the other kids has really made a positive social impact. He is an only child (for a few more days) and his social skills are very good. The staff is great at keeping us informed of his daily activities as well as any events upcoming within the center. The extracurricular activities are great too. They have Parent’s Night Out every other month and water play during the summer. The fall festival/carnival was also nice last October. We love this place and are glad to have found it. We will be using it for our second child soon. Please add School for Amazing Kids, Pelham to your place to visit.

— YP Review
I am completely in love with the care that my child gets at School for Amazing Kids, Helena.…

From the time I walked through the door atSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena I felt like a lost child that made it home. The Director and Co-director were so welcoming to me. My first time talking to Tina Logan she was very real and straight forward with me. She answered all of the questions I had for her. She made sure that she told me that if I had any question while on the tour to feel free to ask them. I am a first time parent with a child in daycare for the first time, so this was a somewhat emotional day. My child had been home with her grandmother for the first year-and-a-half of her life. I was SO worried! Would she adjust well? Would she know how to play with the other kids and share the attention? Would she be able to understand the new schedule she would be on? These are all questions that filled my mind! I was so nervous until I met her fantastic teachers! They assured me that she would do fine and that they would work with her until she felt comfortable. The amount of patience and time they invested in her was remarkable! I could call at any time that I wanted and I thought that was really reassuring. I am completely in love with the care that my child gets at School for Amazing Kids, Helena and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked me. School for Amazing Kids, Helena makes you feel like more than just a daycare center they make you feel like part of their family!

— Twanda Carter
I would not take her anywhere else!…

LOVE LOVE LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly! My daughter has been attending for 7 months and has learned so much! The staff is AMAZING. They are very welcoming to my daughter when she comes in each day. Her teachers keep me in the loop about what they are doing everyday. I would not take her anywhere else!

— A School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly Parent
They show genuine concern for my kids.…

We absolutely love it at School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They show genuine concern for my kids. Both of my kids are excited to go to school each day and I can see that they are learning and having fun too. After we moved to Helena, my then 4 and 2 yr old transitioned very easily. Another parent of a special needs child recommended School for Amazing Kids, Helena and it has been a great decision for us.

— Haley G.
I love sending my two boys here.…

The Calera location for School for Amazing Kids is awesome. I love sending my two boys here. The hours are great (latest pickup is at 6:30pm) for my wife and I as we both work full time. My oldest will always run to his class and my youngest who is spoiled will ask for his teacher to hold him when he gets there. My boys have lots of friends there and enjoy learning. If they have ever had an issue with another classmate it has been resolved or been a non issue to begin with. I always feel safe dropping my sons off. The school is in a very convenient location to us and is very economical for the value/cost in comparison to similar facilities in the area. I am also excited that usually once a month they do a parents night out so we get to do a date night without having to find a sitter. I definitely would recommend you sending your children there and my boys would love to be friends with your kids.

— Kevin T.
The staff is fabulous…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena is such a great place. We have been beyond pleased with everything about it since we started. The staff is fabulous and the facility is a clean and safe place. My girls love going to school every day and enjoy the learning environment they provide. The staff are so personable and nurturing. They truly care about the development of your child. I love that I can leave my girls there every day and never question you care they are receiving. If you’re looking for a topknot childcare facility, this is your place!!!

— Brittany E
I recommend School for Amazing Kids, Pelham every chance I get!…

This is the 3rd daycare my child has been in and my biggest regret has been not checking out School for Amazing Kids, Pelham sooner! We could not be happier with the teachers, staff and curriculum. School for Amazing Kids, Pelham is clean, affordable and safe. We love the Christian values that are taught and exuded by the staff and teachers. I know my child feels the love at the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham and so do we! I recommend the School for Amazing Kids, Pelham every chance I get!

— The Vinsons
We Go to Work Without Worries…

“We love School for Amazing Kids, Pelham. We go to work without any worries, knowing that she will be in great hands. Love the way they learn a bit of everything from math, letters and even faith. Thank you School for Amazing Kids!”

“I love the fact that you make your jobs all about the kids.”

“The staff we have come to know at School for Amazing Kids, Pelham are all very nurturing & attentive. We feel they genuinely care about our child.”

— From our Parent Satisfaction Survey
I Have Two Things to Smile About…

Each day when I pick up my son, I have two things to smile about. First, the smile on his face as he runs up to hug me … Second, the feeling of comfort I have knowing that he has spent the day being cared for by a group of people who provide for him, comfort him, teach him, and show him God’s love. That is a blessing for which I am thankful!

— Kyle H.
Love this facility…

 My children are happy and I’m over the moon! The teachers are patient and kind and are teaching my children so much daily. I love to see the daily questions and the kids answers on the board. I love to ask my oldest child about his day and hear him have so much to share all with excitement in his voice. It’s a classy place with A+ teachers who you can tell truly love their job and the kids they care for and teach. All of the creativity in the rooms just boost the kids’ spirits and make them hunger to learn more! We are fortunate to be at the School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly – I didn’t think twice when we decided to make the switch a few months back. It IS the place to be!

— Melanie Shivers

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