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We absolutely love everything about School for Amazing Kids, Weatherly…

Our son has been going there since he was one for almost 2 years now and we are amazed at how he has developed in that short amount of time. Every time he transitions to a new class I get nervous but all of the teachers and staff are so wonderful that he never has any problems. They truly are invested in the kids and take the time to know each and every one of them and all of their quirks. Our son recently had to get glasses and they were so helpful with getting him to wear and take care of them during the day! I thoroughly look forward to the ride home when I get to hear about his day from learning and crafts to playing and singing songs. It is just precious! We highly recommend this facility!

— A Mom
“School for Amazing Kids has really, really helped my daughter get prepared for Kindergarten”…

— Jennifer holderfield
I can tell they are learning so much…

We absolutely love School for Amazing Kids, Helena. They are great with both of our kids and offer lots of extras like parents’ night out. None of my friends can believe that they offer such a great service like that. It sure is nice to be able to enjoy a night out without finding and paying for a sitter. The teachers are great with both of my kids and I can tell they are learning so much since they transferred to School for Amazing Kids, Helena 6 months ago.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Helena Parent
Very satisfied with our experience and the care of our children…

One of the most important things we have discovered regarding sending our children to daycare, is management of the center. I find the caregivers to be of utmost importance, however the directors of the facility ensure the quality and management of the staff and thus their diligence is paramount. We feel that the facility directors at School for Amazing Kids, Calera are very cognizant of the importance of this, as the majority of the teachers my children have been exposed to have been wonderful; yet we did have a couple of less ideal experiences. In these cases, I took my concerns to the directors, and they were quick to react and address the issues. I feel this is crucial to the safety and well-being of the children, and feel that my concerns and opinions are always considered. This relationship of trust with the management at School for Amazing Kids, Calera has kept us loyal to the center and very satisfied with our experience and the care of our children.

— A School for Amazing Kids, Calera Parent
We have been nothing but pleased.…

Our child has attended School for Amazing Kids, Helena since she was 4 months old. We have been nothing but pleased. Obviously we were very nervous at the start, butSchool for Amazing Kids, Helena has made the transition for my wife starting back to work perfect. The teachers have been so caring and will even let text us text them throughout the day to see how she is doing.

— Matt J.
What a year we had, one of the very best!…

What a year we had, one of the very best!

I remember Bailey peeking through your door on the first day of class, she was so nervous. When she finally went in, she was immediately overwhelmed when all of the kids rushed up to her. You were holding her when I left, both of you had on pink.

As I sat in my car that morning, I bowed my head and prayed for a good day and good year for her. She has come so far. Bailey has confidence today that she never had before your class… How grateful am I that Bailey got to experience preschool with you! I know that you love her, but you still push her. I know that you get tired of listening to little voices, but you still heard her. I know that you get weak, but you still carried her. These are the reasons that she is ready for kindergarten.

The ABC’s, the 123s, and songs to sing are pretty fantastic too, but it’s the little things that shape the heart of a five year old. I thank you for dishing out the yellow days, it made her a kinder friend. I’m not ready for all of this to end, but she is. She’s ready to go to kindergarten, to play softball with the big girls, and to have her very own lunch account number. Bailey is ready for all the things that she sees Jake doing, who am I to hold her back.

I will let go of her little hand this fall, she’ll get on the bus and she will thrive! I know this because she is ready, because she comes from The School for Amazing Kids!

Much Love,

Jennifer Holderfield

— Jennifer H.
School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a Fantastic Experience…

School for Amazing Kids, Helena has been a fantastic experience for my daughters. It felt great to know that my children were with teachers that sincerely cared about them. Thank you for opening School for Amazing Kids, Helena several years ago. The girls and I will miss you!

— Elizebeth S.
My husband and I both feel like this is definitely the right choice……


I just wanted to thank you. Your staff was more than accommodating to our needs and questions during the tour. You have a very sweet staff here. We will be dropping off our application and deposit this afternoon. I am looking forward to our daughter starting, and the transition to your facility. As a mother, it is a hard decision to trust someone with your children, but my husband and I both feel like this is definitely the right choice for ****. I would love to meet you sometime. Please do not hesitate to call.  

Thank you, again

— Laura W
You Will Not Find a Comparable Center in this Area…

WE LOVE School for Amazing Kids, Calera!!!! After trying 3 different centers and also using a home day care, we finally found the perfect one. Not only do they teach my children to pray at every meal, they also learn Bible verses with letters. We’ve also made so many friends with the staff because of their low turnover. Both children attend and we all love it. Great communication, great tools, great teachers. My oldest has learned so much. They even have a “parents night out” which EVERYONE NEEDS at some point. You will not find a comparable center in this area.

— Melissa Miller Ianniello
This daycare gets a A++ in my eyes…

My kids absolutely love this day care, my son is always coming home and telling me that he had a great day and the teachers were very nice to him. The teachers are the greatest thing about this daycare, they treat every child as if it was their own. This daycare gets a A++ in my eyes.

— Jordan Goode on 7/18/2014